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sassy [Visitor]

I've been there! It's just a few blocks down from where Cris's Dad used to live... How random is that?

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Lisa [Visitor]

I've actually heard of this before as my mom used to call me this all the time when i was a child. Phonetically it sounds like SHEN-'KAHN (in mandarin, stress the second syllable). It literally means "heart liver"...........I think what it means it that truly these two organs the body can't live without. So really you are saying something like, My body can't survive withouth you or I can't live without you. You are that which keeps me alive. You are my heart and liver, so to's pretty intense if you think about it!

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seppie [Visitor]

I just wanted to let you know that you have a photo of lichen and not moss.-Oregon home-girl ( a lichen is a combo of a fungus and an alga)

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Gao Shan [Visitor] ·

If you get a chance to travel to Qingdao head to LaoShan. Tsingtao beer is brewed from it's natural spring water. Most Qingdao bars have this brew on tap. Oh, and don't forget about the Qingdao International Beer Festival that is held every August.

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Mom [Visitor]

me too...I knew...

I love you son...mtywek

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In response to: dreams and desires

Ryan Gwillim [Member] ·

@aaron; If I cash well at the memorial the $$ is going to either this lens, or some tattoo work. If I cash REALLY well, then it'll go to both ;)

@mom; You wanna go halfsies on this investment into my future?

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Mom [Visitor]

You never know.

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In response to: dreams and desires

everydaydude [Visitor]

Then it sounds like you'd better play some good golf at the Memorial.

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In response to: dreams and desires

Ryan Gwillim [Member] ·

Because I think the chances of you spending $400 on my Christmas gift is a little out of the question.

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Mom [Visitor]

How come when we ask you what you want for Christmas you always say "I really don't need or want anything" and as soon as Christmas is over you come up with all these fantastic gift ideas?

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In response to: Film vs Digital

Mom [Visitor]

can't wait for you to move back to Oregon so you can cook me breakfast to your standards!

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Ryan Gwillim [Member] ·

For 52$ for developing I don't think I would've minded if they went missing! I got some good shots out of it though. Note to self, ALWAYS USE A TRIPOD WITH 50 ISO FILM! Most of the shots from that roll didn't turn out so well.

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Mom [Visitor]

I agree with and Tam are peanuts and cashews!!

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Chris [Visitor]

Your a nut. Glad you picked up the B&W prints. The photo shop was supposed to call me when they came in, but didn't. I was thinking they went missing.

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Wendy [Visitor]

Um, uh, I don't mean to bug you, but....and if you get to it when ever you are ready, that would be great.

I have purged these from my vocabulary. Never to be heard by RGWI again!

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Forrest [Visitor]

Once again, the power of the Treeman's 'forrest' over powers the weaker, less dramatic 'forest'.

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Mom [Visitor]

The best of both worlds?

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Chris [Visitor]

That's awesome!

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Mandy [Visitor]

Goofballs :)

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Tamara [Visitor]


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