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People movers writ large

Fedex apparently moves 5.5 million packages every day. In 2003, UPS moved 12 million per day in the U.S. alone. Such companies have thousands of employees, vehicles, and buildings dedicated to moving Thing X from Place A to Place B.

When will one of them consider me a Thing, and move me from Home (A) to work (B) every day at a lower cost than me and my little Nissan?


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Rancho camp in June

During Spring 2005, I took a panoramic shot of our new "Rancho" campground outside of Tijuana. Here's a new pic taken in June (from the other end of the camp):

panoramic shot of rancho tj camp


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Continuous partial attention


Notes from a talk by Linda Stone

In 1997 I coined the phrase "continuous partial attention". For almost two decades, continuous partial attention has been a way of life to cope and keep up with responsibilities and relationships. We've stretched our attention bandwidth to upper limits. We think that if tech has a lot of bandwidth then we do, too.

Or, as Lister's Law states: "People under time pressure don't think faster".

One of the great things about a Mission Trip with Amor Ministries is the isolation. For over 25 years now, we've been working in communities without phones, without the 'Net, without email. It's been liberating, in the sense that people can step out of their "partial attention" mode and really pay attention to what's important. You want a "focus on the family"? Spend a week building a house in Mexico, so that 1) the children don't end up in orphanages, and 2) you'll be able to really focus on ministry for once in your life.

The recent increase of cell-phone coverage in the poor communities of Mexico will soon turn into full email, web, and GPS-plus-Google remixing, I'm sure. Part of me hopes that progress is glacial—I'd hate to lose focus.

Attention captured by marketing messages and leaders who give us a sense of trust, belonging in a meaningful way. Now we long for a quality of life that comes in meaningful connections to friends, colleagues, family that we experience with full-focus attention on relationships, etc.

Another strength of ours: building meaningful relationships. Hope we can find more and more ways to make those full-focus and meaningful...connected.


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Fires in Ciudad Juarez destroy Amor homes

On Saturday there was a house fire in the Colonia "Felipe Angeles". The Trevino Suarez family lost everything, and one of their children died. Jesus, age 7, died in the fire and his sister Lucia, age 6, is hospitalized in critical condition. The family has three other children. We will build them a new home July 8; please keep this family in your prayers.

On Sunday, in Colonia "Manuel Clouthier", there was another fire and 6 homes were destroyed; 5 of these were homes Amor Ministries had built this past Spring. I will be going to Mexico today for more information and to see the destruction.

Darrell Johnston
Field Manager - El Paso / Cd. Juarez


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My blog is boring (but it's for a good cause :)

WOW. I am in complete awe, and that doesn't happen very often. Lydia has begun posting stories about donations and prayer requests. I've always felt the impact that Amor Ministries has had in the world—and in the kingdom. I've been working here for over ten years because I truly believe that the best use of my time and talents is in serving Christ through this powerful ministry, but to read such stories again after working in the office for five years is truly inspiring. This is why I continue to support our dedicated staff.

On top of all of that, I'm in awe of the raw communicative power that our blog is bringing to this ministry. We had a meeting last week to talk about who should be blogging, and what they should be blogging about. I mentioned that we could be a "voice for those who have no voice"—I guess Lydia was listening! I can clearly see the voice of our Mexican pastors and the families we serve coming through those posts. The ease and immediacy of publishing in this medium is going to take our communication with our donors, and with the world, to a radical new level. I can't wait until our Field staff get on board!

If you've been subscribed to just my blog, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the full Amor feed instead. You'll still get to read my posts (and watch the highly-technical discussions go over your head), but you should also be reading the stories of how and why my work makes a difference. If you support me, I'd like you to understand how I support others, and how you can get involved further, whether through prayer, finances, material donations, mission trips, or volunteering. There's plenty of work to be done!

"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." — Mt 9:37-38

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300 *quality* fonts


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Them talking pictures is gonna sink Hollywood

After a bit of frustration, I finally got Adobe Premiere to capture the live view of my own desktop:

screen capture of a screen capture of a...

Now I can get those clips assembled for Dave's sermon on Sunday. :)


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CherryPy WSGI is up and running

Update: 1) "lydon" is Oliver Graf. Thanks, Oliver! 2) the tests all pass now.

"lydon" contributed a recipe for using FastCGI with CherryPy's new WSGI interface. Thanks! (I notice he or she also used my brand new recipe for the Virtual Path Filter—nice to know when someone likes your little side projects. ;)

Peter Hunt has contributed a very nice WSGI server, as well. See the latest SVN trunk for the current version (here's a link to the Timeline.) There's still a bug in the WSGI server; the test suite isn't completing, because the server isn't shutting down when it should. I'm trying to track that down and fix it tonight.


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Microsoft Office to use XML by default

via Sam Ruby

The really cool thing this would allow would be the ability to use standard diff tools (subversion, anyone?) on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents. This will make our PR staff very happy. :)

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