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Intro, intro... lessee, I'm a Bible college grad, currently a Presbyterian elder, en el pasado a missionary for 14 years. I love Foucault and Hofstadter equally. Analysis is my forte. I don't pretend to know the answers, but I got tired of easy questions. I'm asking the hard ones here. Like so many worthwhile things in life, "if you want it done right..."

I'm particularly tired of that feel-good don't-rock-the-boat brand of conservative Christianity that isn't adapting to the real world at any meaningful pace. If you believe the church doesn't need to speak in terms the world can understand, you should leave now before you get mad.

The blog title is "diacrisis", which is a medical term meaning roughly, "changes in secretions which aid diagnosis". I'm gonna secrete some serious change here, folks. If your faith can't handle some spiritual pus, you should leave now before you start to get grossed out.

"διάκρισις" is also the (koine) Greek word for "discernment", or "opinion". I'll be presenting my opinions here, which may not always be orthodox. I'm fully convinced the God of the Bible is real and worth serving; you may not be, at least not enough to weather the storm of crazy ideas I put forth here. If your faith is young, you should leave now before you begin to doubt dangerously.

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