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Coffee table photos

Just playin' around. Love the Canon A95.

Love how the reflected checkerboard seems to bend with the Diet Coke swoosh. It really doesn't except by coincidence; the arc of the swoosh and the arc of the can's cylinder happen to coincide for a time.

Something about the bold bar of light, reflecting off the can, really drew my eye to this one. Coupled with the "drain" concept (and in-line with it), it stands in huge contrast to the regular checkerboard pattern of the rest of the piece.

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Caption Contest

I'm too tired to give a good caption, so I'll be boring and say: Spring Break is really tiring around here. If you've got a better caption, post it in a comment!


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The new Ford Adobe

A mud-covered car


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This is the new Rancho (Tijuana) camp

Panoramic of the new Rancho (Tijuana) camp

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panoramic of a bunch of houses being built

Each arrow points to a house being built at the same time last week in Juarez. There are probably more that I can't make out from the original photos.

I stitched three photos together, by the way, to make the one image.

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