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1000 to build in Rocky Point

Some of our Field Team left yesterday to prepare for groups in Rocky Point (or in Spanish, Puerto Peñasco) next week/weekend. In addition to a number of Arizona churches, we get half-a-dozen Young Life groups. Together, they should build about 40 homes!

Plus the Team Leaders are all meeting off-site. So the office is a bit quieter today... ;)


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Lead-In volunteers are always needed

From our volunteer coordinator, Erin Lyde:

Lead In Training is coming up, and we still need some more volunteers. If you know anyone who would be interested, let me know asap! We have some returning volunteers, and a couple of new ones as well, but we want as many as possible!

What's a "lead in"? It's the process of escorting a group of our workers from the San Diego border, where we meet them for the first time, to their campground in Tijuana. [Hmmm. Not sure if we also need volunteers in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez, but we certainly do lead-ins there, as well. Give us a call.]

If you'd like to volunteer some time for Amor but don't have a whole week or even a whole day, doing a lead-in is great--it's simple, quick, and a huge help.

  • Simple: Once you learn the route (on our training day), you can continue to volunteer whenever you find the time--the campgrounds don't change very often.

  • Quick: It's about a 3-hour round-trip, including the time spent waiting for the group to get themselves organized. ;)

  • Helpful: We only have so many staff members, and they are very busy during Spring Break with other duties, from checking paperwork to checking lumber deliveries. By spending a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday, you can make a big difference!

Notify me or Erin if you're interested.


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Apologies to all

I did a boneheaded thing. I sent a bunch of you an announcement about this new blog of mine, even though our network, at the time, looked like this:

ugly rack pic ugly rack pic 2

It's being put back together, slowly. So if you can't get to this page during the rest of this week, just try again the next day. If you have problems next week, let me know right away. :)


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El Paso is official

Looks like I will be going during Palm Sunday week. Hooray! I've visited El Paso a few times in the past ten years, but hadn't actually been across the border into Juarez since...1994? If I recall correctly.

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El Paso in need

We have a branch office in El Paso, TX. Many of you may not know about it, even though we've been working there for 13 years! We do about 1/4 of our business across that border in Ciudad Juarez.

This Spring is shaping up to be our biggest yet, and Easter is coming very early. So early, in fact, that we're running out of staff! The peak-time in El Paso is usually sooner than the peak-time in San Diego, so we usually send SD staff over to EP to help out. But because Easter is early this year, the two locations are both in dire need at the same time.

Therefore, I may be going to work in El Paso during Palm Sunday week (I've volunteered, but the decision hasn't been made yet as to who is going). I spent my second summer there back in '93, and was the only full-time staff member living there for much of 1993/94 (I moved to San Diego in June of 1994, and spent four more years on the field here before I started working in IT). Much has changed since I was in El Paso, but I can probably still recognize two or three major streets. ;)

Pray for workers!


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Welcome to my blog. I'm Robert Brewer, the Manager of Information Systems for Amor Ministries. "FuManChu" has been my radio handle since I started working in Ciudad Juarez in 1993, building homes for the poor.

After five years in the field, I moved into IT. During the past six years, I've built and rebuilt our core business-process application. The first version was a client-server app in VB4; that moved to a webapp within a year or two. In 2003-2004, I rewrote the entire thing in Python, including a standalone application framework (Cation) and Object-Relational Mapper (Dejavu).

I also managed everything else (networking, mail, file servers, backups, desktops, antivirus, you name it) until I got a PFY (an assistant), Ryan, in early 2001. Now I tend to advise and design top-level architecture in those areas, and let Ryan do the hard work. ;)

Don't be surprised if I discuss topics other than computers, however! I enjoy almost anything done well. Drop me a line or a comment if you are able.

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