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My blog is boring (but it's for a good cause :)

WOW. I am in complete awe, and that doesn't happen very often. Lydia has begun posting stories about donations and prayer requests. I've always felt the impact that Amor Ministries has had in the world—and in the kingdom. I've been working here for over ten years because I truly believe that the best use of my time and talents is in serving Christ through this powerful ministry, but to read such stories again after working in the office for five years is truly inspiring. This is why I continue to support our dedicated staff.

On top of all of that, I'm in awe of the raw communicative power that our blog is bringing to this ministry. We had a meeting last week to talk about who should be blogging, and what they should be blogging about. I mentioned that we could be a "voice for those who have no voice"—I guess Lydia was listening! I can clearly see the voice of our Mexican pastors and the families we serve coming through those posts. The ease and immediacy of publishing in this medium is going to take our communication with our donors, and with the world, to a radical new level. I can't wait until our Field staff get on board!

If you've been subscribed to just my blog, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the full Amor feed instead. You'll still get to read my posts (and watch the highly-technical discussions go over your head), but you should also be reading the stories of how and why my work makes a difference. If you support me, I'd like you to understand how I support others, and how you can get involved further, whether through prayer, finances, material donations, mission trips, or volunteering. There's plenty of work to be done!

"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." — Mt 9:37-38


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Them talking pictures is gonna sink Hollywood

After a bit of frustration, I finally got Adobe Premiere to capture the live view of my own desktop:

screen capture of a screen capture of a...

Now I can get those clips assembled for Dave's sermon on Sunday. :)


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Snow in them thar hills

There was still enough snow over Memorial weekend to go to Mammoth and learn how to snowboard. Here's Ryan, Matt, and Dan, and our new friend Tiffany.

Ryan, Matt, and Dan, and our new friend Tiffany

As you can see, Ryan is the tallest. Here's more proof of that:

Ryan in the foreground and Dan in the background

We all learned on "Sesame Street" (the easy run)—I did all right but couldn't get into the toeslides very well. It didn't help that my boots were a smidgen too large. So this run was definitely out of the question:

experts only sign

But the view at the peak was just as good at 0 mph as it would have been at 40 mph.

Mammoth scenic view



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Does your bender have a Lucy Liu?

Sure, you have the Bender wind-up tin toy, but does it have a Lucy Liu head inside?

Bender toy with Lucy Liu photo inside


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Newsradio DVD just shipped!!!


I know it still says "preorder", but I just got my shipping notice from Amazon. I have been waiting 537 days for this!!!

Hoo! Ray!


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In the Amor kitchen

Shawn asked if the "development cage" still existed. Short answer: no. Long answer: no, but Hilary almost killed herself taking it out.

So now we have a lovely kitchen/lunchroom.

Kitchen area of HQ


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Moramor. It doesn't mean anything...yet. I just wanted to get the term out there. Hopefully I'll be the #1 hit on Google for it, soon. ;)


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Google Bible

You know that cool preloading that Google maps does (where, when you drag the map, some of the surrounding tiles have already been loaded and instantaneously pop into view)?

We need that for an online Bible. I'm tired of getting a chapter at a time. If studylight would do that and include their Strong's numbers, I'd never go anywhere else (hint, hint).

Heck, we need that for lots of large documents.


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Fun with the multitranslator


See if you can guess which verses (from the New Testament) begat the following:

  1. Which enters, the opening of a man does not give him the other way around for pigs, but this sae of the relative opening, that gives to shutdowns the pigs the other way around.

  2. The legend you to that the truth is left here, not a rock in another one; everything is in the game of the reduction.

  3. Loaded therefore him, where the brothers, to offer due to the tolerance of the God, their bodies have taste of alive victims, those know him and the God of the execution -- in whom it is his mental Anbetung.

  4. It would appreciate Christian and the energy of the relative Auferstehung and the friendship of the division in relative pain would know and as in the relative one it died therefore and, the method or other that takes to traverse with the Auferstehung of the inoperative men.

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