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Shoji Catalog Protocol version 2


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Shoji Catalog Protocol version 2

I've updated the Shoji Catalog Protocol to draft version 02. See http://www.aminus.org/rbre/shoji/shoji-draft-02.txt

The only significant change is that shojiCatalogs, shojiFragments, and shojiViews elements now use an object instead of an array for their IRI's. That is, instead of:

{"element": "shoji:catalog",
 "self": "http://example.org/users",
 "catalogs": ["bills", "sellers", "sellers{?sold_count}"],

one would now write something like:

{"element": "shoji:catalog",
 "self": "http://example.org/users",
 "catalogs": {"bills": "bills",
              "sellers": "sellers",
              "sellers by sold count": "sellers{?sold_count}"

This allows clients to bind to a more meaningful name across varying documents rather than a potentially opaque and varying URI. In this way, the names function somewhat like link relation types (e.g. the "rel" attributes in HTML, or the relation types in Link headers).

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