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Dear Lionsgate,

I like your movies. Forbidden Kingdom was great, except for the whiny kid. I just bought it on DVD, even though it's been out for months, and I wanted to clear up why. It's not laziness. It's not the economy; I'm doing fine.

No, I held off buying it because, for a long time, all your copies on the shelf at Fry's and Best Buy included a "bonus digital copy". I can't support that. First, because the initial "D" in "DVD" does not stand for "Analog", but more importantly, because my laptop plays DVD's just fine, repeatedly, without any limited-viewing "bonuses" needed. You must be fooling somebody with that, if the great P.T. Barnum has any say, but not me. Please stop doing stupid things like that so I can give you more money sooner.

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