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The Timeless Way of Software


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The Timeless Way of Software

I just finished Chris Alexander's The Timeless Way of Building and I only have one question with regards to software development: why do we laud the patterns and ignore the call to context? In other words: modularity is the enemy of usable software. It also happens to be the enemy of efficient and of readable software. If I see one more networking package or ORM with One Abstraction To Rule Them All I am going to scream. You and I are really good at abstractions. We are freaks. Most people have a hard time with them. Try not to proliferate them unnecessarily.

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Comment from: Matt Brubeck [Visitor] Email · http://limpet.net/mbrubeck/

Hear, hear! Alexander's other books (in particular "The Oregon Experiment") also have a lot to say about how people and institutions build complex systems, beyond just what's in "A Pattern Language."

11/07/08 @ 10:33

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