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Vellum coming along nicely

First, a great aphorism from Zed's (Vellum book]( (pdf):

Makefiles are the C programmer’s REPL and interpreter.

He also asks himself:

What’s the minimum syntax needed to describe a build specification?

I predict good things based on the presence of that question alone.


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Epic [FAIL]

You have my permission to name your next test framework, library, or script "epic" and bill it as "more full of [FAIL] than any other test thingy".

Oh, and

/me looks in Titus' direction...


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LINQ in Python

Chui's counterpoint pines:

There are some interesting ideas raised in LINQ that even Python developers ought to explore and consider adopting in a future Python.

Python had all this before LINQ in Dejavu and now Geniusql, and more pythonically, to boot. Instead of:

var AnIQueryable = from Customer in db.Customers where
    Customer.FirstName.StartsWith("m") select Customer;

you can write:

m_names =
    lambda cust: cust.FirstName.startswith("m"))

and instead of:

var AverageRuns =(from Master in this.db.Masters
    select Master.Runs).Average()

you can write:

avgruns = m: avg(m.Runs))
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