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The Fu Filter


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The Fu Filter

All systems fail, and complex systems fail in a nearly infinite number of ways, some anticipated, many unanticipated. You could publish a large manual for how to deal with every anticipated failure, but for sufficiently-complex systems, the labor of writing such a manual far outweighs the benefit of having it. Heck, the labor of reading such a manual far outweighs the benefits. Even the labor of advertising the manual outweighs the benefits. And let's not forget version control, editing, publishing, distribution, recollection, authorization, errata, indexing, and a host of other system-management duties.

Take laptop overheating. Yes, it happens. Yes, damage is done. But the damage of creating a new system to usefully and efficiently communicate the dangers of laptop overheating to all laptop users in your company is probably far greater.

But people still try. And it takes a long time to explain the above. Wouldn't it be great if you could use a single short phrase to mean all that?

Here's my contribution to the world of Getting Things Done: the Fu Filter. Use it to imply that the issue in question is not worth addressing in any meaningful way, because to do so would be more trouble than it's worth. For example, you could tell someone that laptop overheating "doesn't pass the Fu Filter." Those of you with sufficient computing experience may wish to spell it "Foo Filter" in honor of all foo everywhere. Since "fu" can mean happiness (with the right tone), you can also think of this as the "Happiness Filter".


Comment from: rgz [Visitor]

Unfortunately, to tell someone something doesn't pass the Fu Filter you have to explain yourself and that doesn't pass the Fu Filter.

If you want to get a new meme you need a good way to market that expression first.

05/16/07 @ 07:31
Comment from: Walter Cruz [Visitor] · http://devlog.waltercruz.com

There's some problem with your post about the python orms? If I try to access it by http://www.aminus.org/blogs/index.php/fumanchu/2007/08/18/storm_sqlalchemy_and_geniusql it returns me a '403 Forbidden'.

Af first, I think that you have added google to yout b2evo blacklist (I'm a b2evo user too), but even if I access yout page via GET it throws me that error!

08/21/07 @ 06:51
Comment from: fumanchu [Member] Email


Sorry about that. My best guess is that it was the referer spam filter, which I've now disabled since I don't publish referer stats anyway.

08/21/07 @ 09:45

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