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Comment from: Mom [Visitor]

Diamond in the Buff...Oh please!!!

First, you were born of blood and tears, but not from sea creatures, sorry...those are the facts...I was there, I know these things. You have always had a sparkly personality (well, it is always there, just sometimes it is buried a little). You traveled in a Topaz from Coquille to Denver for a hospital visit when you were 5...it served its purpose nicely then. As for the stain...well, maybe I will let that one go for a time.

I think the Fire Agate fits you nicely...very colorful (including dark maroon), with many various hues.

You crack me up...and to think just yesterday you had nothing to blog about! Son, you are so funny!!!

BTW, your daddy is Ed...just so you don't have to ask yourself that question.

Diamond in the Buff...LOL You made my day!!! LOL LOL

09/20/06 @ 13:13
Comment from: Mandy [Visitor]

See! You do have things to blog about! And not only that...you are truly FUNNY! You crack me up :o) So please do not erase your blog...or else! Love ya, M~

09/20/06 @ 13:44

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