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Upgrades to Python 2.5


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Upgrades to Python 2.5

I probably waited too long, but today I upgraded both CherryPy (3.0alpha/trunk) and Dejavu (1.5alpha/trunk) to Python 2.5. The moves were surprisingly easy:


There were three changes in all:

  1. When the WSGI server socket is closed, socket.accept now fails with a socket.error "Socket operation on non-socket". I "fixed" this by just ignoring the error.
  2. The output of Response.SimpleCookie now has no trailing semicolon as it did in Python 2.4. Just had to fix the test suite to be aware of that.
  3. Some attributes of unittest.TestCase moved from double-underscore names to single; webtest had a custom subclass of it. This was easy enough to fix: define a different method for 2.5 than 2.4 or less.

[P.S. I've noticed CP 3 is about 3% slower in 2.5 than 2.4, even with the zombie frames and other optimizations. Hmmm.]


Amazingly, even though Dejavu makes extensive use of bytecode hacks, there was only one real change! The "logic" module needed an upgrade to the "comparison" function, which produces an Expression via the types.CodeType() constructor. Apparently, function args are no longer included in co_names, and co_consts no longer includes a leading 'None' value (except when there are cell references?). Finally, co_flags for "normal" functions now includes CO_NESTED by default. These changes also forced some parallel upgrades to the test suite.

While fixing the above, however, I noticed a long-standing bug in Dejavu's LambdaDecompiler. Python 2.4 used ROT_THREE before a STORE_SUBSCR, and this worked in Dejavu; but Python 2.5 uses ROT_TWO before STORE_SUBSCR, which showed me I had the stack-popping backwards in both functions. Bah. Fixed now.

Absolute imports

Both packages needed a good bit of work changing some relative import statements into absolute ones. Not really hard, just boring. ;)

Thanks to the Python core devs for a very smooth transition!

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Comment from: Rene Dudfield [Visitor] · http://www.madecollective.com/

Have you tested the memory usage of python 2.5 with cherrypy?

It should be a lot better for long running processes now, hopefully leading to much better overall performance.

08/24/06 @ 16:02

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