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Sespe Wilderness Trip

Ryan and I took a spur-of-the-moment backpacking trip to the Sespe Wilderness this weekend. His notes and photos are here.

All in all, I felt it was a so-so trip. It was all rushed, and only three days long, so I didn't quite get into the 2-person backpacking vibe. When you hike with only one other person, you find yourself with a lot more solo time than with 3 people or more. I also was hoping to go all the way to the Sespe hot springs on the first day, but blisters prevented that. We settled for the Willette Hot Springs, which took a couple of hours to find and was pretty disappointing. I think I've been spoiled by Big Sur. We also had some technical problems (always, always buy real Nalgene!) that didn't help the overall enjoyment of the trip.

Despite all that, it was worth it. The Sespe river in May is moderately strong, and our trail crossed it at least 6 times. So if you ever go in May, hike in river-running shoes, so you don't have to stop and change shoes every hour.


180-degree panorama of the Sespe river valley

360-degree meadow

Black and yellow butterfly macro

Frosted paintbrush flowers

Horned lizard

Sunset over Hwy 33

Purple mist in evening, Sespe

Sespe river


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One of the ways CherryPy 3 will rock

Looks like CherryPy 3 will be significantly faster than CP 2.2. Here are some quick benchmark (Apache ab) stats from my little Win2k laptop. The first three are from the same test (1000 requests, 14 byte response body, 10 server threads), for 10 to 50 client threads:

req/sec x threadsmsec/req x threadskb/sec x threads

These two are from a different test (1000 requests, 50 client threads, 10 server threads), for response sizes of 10 bytes, 100, 1K, 10K, 100K, and 100M: req/sec x byteskb/sec x bytes

I believe the improvement comes from three areas. First, the lowercase_api flag and checks are no longer needed. Second, filters are no longer called just to see if they're turned on. Third, all of the configs and special attributes are now looked up once, inline with the page handler (i.e, controller method) lookup.

I can't wait to run the benchmark suite on a real server. :)

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