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Disintermediating the relationship bond


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Disintermediating the relationship bond

Jon Udell writes:

When writers, editors, and publishers manage to be interesting, informative, or entertaining -- in short, useful -- we attract readers. If we are consistently useful, a relationship bond may form. And if we are clever, we will figure out how the tangible expression of that bond -- the RSS subscription -- can mediate exchanges of money for value. But language determines thought, and our language of sausage and traffic prevents us from focusing on what we actually do, why it matters, and how to reinvent ourselves in a networked world.

No, no, no, no, NO. If you are consistently useful, I will pay you for being useful, each time you are useful. If you continue to be clever and expect a relationship, where I pay you whether you are useful or not, you are clevering yourself out of the networked world.

I do not have a relationship with any sausage vendor, nor do I want one. The only reason I may have one is because they are geographically nearby, and the cost of switching to another is therefore high. In a "networked world", no site is farther away than any other, and switching costs are zero. If you charge for your relationship, sooner or later you will be beaten out on the Net by someone who does not.

The "language that determines thought" here is not "traffic", it is "relationship". Stop using that word.

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