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Comment from: Christian Wyglendowski [Visitor] · http://www.dowski.com

Hey, that looks really cool! I'm not a huge SQL fan, and I don't feel like learning or dealing with the "bulk" of an ORM. I'll definitely be checking this out.


CP 2.2beta was released today.

01/27/06 @ 14:23
Comment from: fumanchu [Member] Email

Please note that SQLComp is experimental, and I intended for someone to perhaps pick it up, hack on it, and make something cool.

I decided to pick it up, hack on it, and make something cool--two years ago. It's called Dejavu. ;) See the logic* and codewalk*** modules, which "do the same thing" (only putting the iteration outside the lambda). I used logic.Expression instead of "make_query", and **kwargs instead of ctx.

I would also note that I found using the ast to be far too slow, and went with decompiling co_code entirely for speed reasons. You might want to do some speed tests of your own soon.

* http://projects.amor.org/dejavu

** http://projects.amor.org/dejavu/browser/trunk/logic.py

*** http://projects.amor.org/dejavu/browser/trunk/codewalk.py

01/27/06 @ 22:32

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