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Comment from: fumanchu [Member] Email

This post really blessed me. But what God is really laying on your heart? What's he teaching you this week?

In His grip,

A fellow seeker

10/28/05 @ 23:03
Comment from: Howard Major [Visitor]

hi jon, very cool comments. as a fellow pilgrim i don't want the security blankets of christianese. i just want to serve god knowing that he loves me for that and will be with me as i stumble along the journey, kind of like the via delarosa. peace, howie.

10/31/05 @ 13:19
Comment from: Carter [Visitor]

This is the greatest video ever!!! We showed this in church one Sunday and the congregation almost killed our leadership team out of protest. We had a ball! Check it out...


10/31/05 @ 16:38
Comment from: kt [Visitor]

Read Jesus Shaves recently and laughed my ass off, again. (Me Talk Pretty One Day) This post reminds me of that.

11/03/05 @ 17:06
Comment from: jonathan [Member] Email

No Wendy, that makes you a chameleon...in the good way. Being appropriate to a particular audience is sensitive, not fraudulent. Besides, there is a big bold line between church-speak and christianese. Two aeronautical engineers discussing the fine points of jet propulsion would have a certain diction appropriate to their discussion. If I were to enter the discussion, they would have to say something like, "you know, the thing with the thing in the round thing that makes fire and makes the plane go real fast." I wouldn't expect to keep up on their level without them educating me from the basics upward. In the same way, having an in depth discussion with another Christian about the workings of the holy spirit or the consequences of dispensationalist theology are valid ways to grow in our faith...but those are a far cry from those pleasant-sounding phrases we often use which seem less than thought through.

11/16/05 @ 11:02
Comment from: James P [Visitor] · http://wholesalers4u.tripod.com

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06/27/06 @ 00:16
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04/27/07 @ 14:06

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