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The medusa called autoreload


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The medusa called autoreload

This is what I spent my weekend working on (among other things). It's the "autoreload" functionality in CherryPy. It was so complicated that it took me 15 minutes to understand it again, anytime I got distracted; having the diagram makes it quicker, at least. They say the human brain can handle about 7 things simultaneously, and this snake-pit takes about 4 at a minimum:

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Comment from: Pavel Simerda [Visitor]


I'm trying to get an application working, which forks to execute cherrypy.server.start() in one process. When it stops, i want also the web server stopped.

Works (mostly) without autoreload, but when autoreload is enabled and I kill the web server child process, cherrypy remains running in yet another process.

I don't need it so much. Just if there's a simple solution...

01/17/06 @ 14:06

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