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Pics from my vacation


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Pics from my vacation

I'm a bit reluctant to tell you where I went, because it's crowded enough already. Okay, if you want to do a little work, I took these pictures in noynaCs'gniK near AC, onserF. I might find the time to tell you the story...later. Right now, here's the pics I like most.

River, Trees, Mountain, and Sky Mist Falls, as seen through two trees White flowers in green verge bordering a mountain trail Dead tree with white branches

Panorama of Zumwalt Meadow (N to S)

Sun peeking out from behind a tree (oversaturated) Smoke covering the Cedar Grove valley One of several gorgeous waterfalls in Sheep Creek Moss growing on a partially-dead manzanita tree Spiderweb on tree bark Red eggs and larvae in a side pool


Comment from: Ryan Gwillim [Member] Email · www.ryangwillim.com

Great pictures Bob!

08/10/05 @ 08:55
Comment from: yang [Member] Email

Bob I love these- i wish i could be there.
Thanks the pictures are awesome and i can enjoy God's
nature even from my desk right here..right now....

08/11/05 @ 09:14
Comment from: lloz [Member] Email

I so need to go to place like that! And I pray that I get to go on a vacation like this soon. Awesome pictures!

08/15/05 @ 09:47
Comment from: Sis [Visitor]

Beautiful location! I think you need to go spend a month there to give your brain a break from CODE! Your blog is looking kind of uni-dimensional to this non-geek.

08/25/05 @ 08:36

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