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Comment from: Pam [Visitor]

Isn't God wonderful!!!??? Thanks for sharing

08/05/05 @ 11:23
Comment from: Inna [Visitor]

bUiLdInG ThAt HoUsE FoR ThE FaMiLy WaS aN ExPeRiEnCe oF A LiFe TiMe! ThIs YeArS MiSsIoNs TrIp WaS OnE oF ThE BeSt YeT! iM So gLaD GoD uSeD Me AnD My ChUrCh As HiS HaNdS, FeEt, MiNd, AnD HeArT. ThIs FaMiLy WaS TrUeLy AMAZING! WhEn GoD PuT iT UpOn mY HeArT To Go To MeXiCo, I KiNd oF WoNdErEd WhY. I ThOuGhT To MySeLf, "WhY MeXiCo? WhY NoT SoMeWhErE eLsE?" BuT i ObEyEd GoD AnD WeNt. ThE DaY ThAt We LeFt, mY PaStOr, JeRrY, ToLd uS AbOuT ThE FaMiLy. He ExPLaInEd ThAt ThE PaReNtS HaD ThReE BoYs. JoSe, FeRnAnDo, AnD EdWaRdO. He ExpLaInEd ThAt FeRnAnDo AnD EdWaRdO WeRe BoTh DeAf AnD KnEw SiGn LaNgUaGe. ThEn iT HiT Me. I KnEw WhY GoD WaNTeD Me To Go. I HaD TaKeN SiGn LaNgUaGe FoR FoUr YeArS iN HiGh ScHOoL AnD Am fLuEnT iN ThE LaNgUaGe. I KnEw GoD WaS GoInG To UsE Me ThAt WeEk! I WaS TrUeLy bLeSsEd AnD aM SO ThAnKfuL To GoD ThAt He HaNd PiCkEd EaCh AnD EvErY PeRsOn ThAt WenT. We CoNcOuReD ThE MoUnTiAn!

08/06/05 @ 22:42

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