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Ichi, ni, sashimi


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Ichi, ni, sashimi

FUN college group meeting tonight—I taught the guys how to make sushi! There was some initial skepticism:

A hesitant Corey and Fred

...but after I showed them how it was done:

Me stuffing a big maki chunk into my mouth

...Fred tried some ginger:

Fred eating a piece of gari (ginger)

...and Corey tried some salmon roe by itself X(

Corey gagging on roe

...and they dove in:

Me, Corey, and Fred making sushi

Here's a rainbow roll Fred made:

Rainbow sushi roll

(Thanks for the pictures, Linda!)

After an hour or more of making all kinds of sushi, we cleaned up a bit, then talked about "friends and enemies". Reading Matthew 5, how serious is Jesus when he tells you to "turn the other cheek" to your enemy? Who is your enemy? Do you have any? Or (like many American Christians that I know), have you designed your life so well that you only spend time with your friends? I think I do, quite often. We find being hit on the left cheek so distasteful that we never expose our right side in the first place, and therefore never have to make the hard decision to "go the extra mile".

We also talked about those who are neither friends (our ingroup) or our enemies (our outgroup), but "nobodies". Jesus called them the poor, the lame, and the sick, and in Luke 14, says "when you give a banquet, don't invite your friends". But he doesn't say "invite your enemies"; instead, you should invite the nobodies. In Luke 16, he mentions the "shrewd manager" who loses money to gain friends (I wonder how many people have done the exact opposite). So we talked a bit about what it means to sacrifice, for whom, and why. And who will be mad when you do? Probably your friends ("a man's enemies will be members of his own household").

It seems Jesus is calling people to step out of their social boundaries, in effect joining a new "ingroup": the church. And just like MySpace's Tom, you have to be friends with the creator to be a member. ;) However, there's an additional responsibility to continually bring people—from your old ingroup (friends, family, social class), from your enemies, and from the nobodies—into the new group. I hate to say it, but I see a lot of churches fall down at this point; they neglect and isolate themselves from one or more of those groups. I'm glad I have the chance on a daily basis to serve the poor in Mexico...

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Comment from: yang [Member] Email

I'm blessed-
i totally understand and agree...
it is easier to seek the company of our circle of friends we get along with rather than reach out of our comfort zones.

07/29/05 @ 08:59

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