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I know Pastor Antonio! I helped a church in northern California (Auburn, I think) get a bus to him. We spent part of a day togethet at the Maneadero Helping Hands Mission before he and his family took the bus home. Last I heard, the bus broke down. I loved the pictures Penny

07/28/05 @ 11:31
Comment from: walter Albright [Visitor]

Dear Brother,

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Walter albright

11/02/05 @ 03:01
Comment from: admin [Member] Email

Dear Walter,

If it were important, you might have noted that this was written by a sister, not a brother. Get a life that doesn't involve financial scams, bonehead.

11/02/05 @ 08:17
Comment from: Adan [Visitor]

The Triqui "tribe" has three distinct dialects, and the one spoken by the folks in your pictures is San Juan Copala. The interpretor is Juan Merino, and he is (or should be) much more than an interpretor. He is a man of God who speaks the language and understands the culture much more than any outsider (including a Mixtec outsider) will. Why interpret rather than develope a pastor from among the people? It is great to help people, but have you considered that we are creating a dependency and a welfare mentality? Have you read any of K.P. Yohannen's books? There is a lot behind the scenes here that you may not realize. Please don't take this note in the wrong way, but prayerfully consider.

10/27/07 @ 16:23

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