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CherryPy WSGI is up and running


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CherryPy WSGI is up and running

Update: 1) "lydon" is Oliver Graf. Thanks, Oliver! 2) the tests all pass now.

"lydon" contributed a recipe for using FastCGI with CherryPy's new WSGI interface. Thanks! (I notice he or she also used my brand new recipe for the Virtual Path Filter—nice to know when someone likes your little side projects. ;)

Peter Hunt has contributed a very nice WSGI server, as well. See the latest SVN trunk for the current version (here's a link to the Timeline.) There's still a bug in the WSGI server; the test suite isn't completing, because the server isn't shutting down when it should. I'm trying to track that down and fix it tonight.


Comment from: Oliver "lydon" Graf [Visitor] · http://sky.rhein-zeitung.de/


I'm a "he" :) Thanks for the nice WSGI interface. Made the work very simple. I already started porting _cphttpserver to fastcgi, as I stumbled across cp 2.1 and wsgi. Saved lot of work, I guess :)


06/05/05 @ 03:28
Comment from: advisor [Visitor]

I wouldn't use the phrase "Toss offs"!!

[admin: Thanks, advisor]

06/10/05 @ 06:36

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