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Rare pics of Plaustrum Exsputuminum


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Rare pics of Plaustrum Exsputuminum

This rare species of van is usually found in large groups, exhibiting mutually-beneficial social behaviors such as the "queue" when resources become scarce. Leadership is well-defined by skin color, with the larger, darker males taking precedence in directing the periodic migrations of the herd.

Line of parked vans

Note the coordinated display of bright red markings, signifying the vans' acquiescence to the dominant leader, as he signals the end of the day's journey.

These vans are quite docile under normal circumstances. Once separated from the safety of the other vans, however, the Plaustrum Exsputuminum (or "spitting van") quickly becomes agitated. The front, side, and rear doors are puffed out to make the beast appear larger and more threatening, although they are already impressive at nearly 5 tons. In some cases, the hood is also extended. Often, the animal will explosively eject its contents at an attacker, as you can see in this second photograph:

15-passenger van with doors open and luggage strewn about

If you see a van with its doors or hood open, DO NOT APPROACH IT. Adult vans can accurately spray their luggage onto an attacker over 15 feet away. In addition, the frightened van may close its doors onto an unsuspecting victim's exposed hand, leg, or head. If you encounter a van in the wild, you should:

  • Make yourself look bigger.
  • Yell loudly but in a low voice. RrrrrrRrrrrrRrrrr.
  • Slowly walk backwards away from the animal. Vans do not navigate well in reverse.
  • Pick up small children right away.

March/April and June through August are the best times to observe these gentle giants, as they head south, seeking campgrounds throughout northern Mexico.


Comment from: Ryan Gwillim [Member] Email · www.ryangwillim.com

Great article. I have been seeing more and more of this species lately. Now I feel much more secure about how to deal with encounters in the wild.

Knowledge, the great disposer of fear. (or is that the other way around?)

04/06/05 @ 12:23
Comment from: Pumpkin Pie [Visitor] · http://myfrenchwindow.com

Very funny post :)

02/17/06 @ 02:34

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