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Tim Bray's Northern Voices keynote


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Tim Bray's Northern Voices keynote

Link: http://www.blogosphereradio.com/shows/8.aspx

Things I want to remember:

  1. Listen first.
  2. Those who are read by many write often.
  3. Correct yourself. Classic journalism can't do this. We can. Updates go at the top of the article, so RSS feeds are sure to show them.
  4. Don't make stupid spelling mistakes. Spellbound for Firefox, anyone?
  5. Be brief. cf Stephen King's Ten Minutes.
  6. Blogs are public and the Internet never forgets. Just be careful--don't tell secrets.
  7. Blogging is much more about listening than talking.
  8. Be intense. Be sincere and authentic. Never lie.


Comment from: Another Scott [Visitor]

Those 8 rules should apply to most online conversation - not just blogging. Re: #6 - There are more times than I'd like to remember that I've come across something that's too personal - something that may certainly come back to haunt the poster sometime in the future. :-( #6 should be the first thing that people think of before posting.

If I could add a 9th suggestion, it would be use standard punctuation if (generic) you want to be understood and taken reasonably seriously by your readers.

Nice site you've got here, Fu. Best of luck with it.

(Another Scott on zIWeThey)

02/22/05 @ 20:35
Comment from: fumanchu [Member] Email

Bang on, Scott. I think Tim was trying to communicate those "medium-independent" truths to a group of people who had no previous online experience--blogs are their first foray. I mostly wrote them down here because I have to do the same with our staff as I add them to this blog. Many of them have never communicated on the Web, and it would be far too easy for me to forget some of my own early hurdles. ;)

Thanks for returning! Been a while since I mentioned the blog on IWETHEY. :)

02/22/05 @ 21:42

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