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Moving out of the 1990's


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Moving out of the 1990's

I finally upgraded my last copy of Windows 9x (98 SE, if you must know) to Windows XP Home. Windows 98 was working just fine; however, it was on my video editing machine. Windows 98 doesn't allow files larger than about 2GB--in most of my cases, this means about 17½ minutes of DVD-quality video. When I was working on my own projects (like transferring old laserdics to DVD), this wasn't much of an issue; I'd simply enjoy watching the content as I ripped it off laser or VHS, and endure the pauses every 17 minutes as I closed one file and started a new one. But lately, I've been doing more side projects:

  • Mom's Super-8 home videos (OK, a lot of it is travel footage).
  • I'm putting last year's Stanley Cup games on DVD so we have something to watch this year. Each game is over 3 hours, so that's about 45GB each.
  • I received a nice Sony 8mm camcorder in exchange for transferring the previous owner's 8mm to DVD (obviously, a sweet deal--they're being generous and I appreciate it greatly!).
  • I've got a couple of church productions (Christmas shows) which need to move from Mini-DV to DVD.

Can you tell DVD is a common target for me? ;) Anway, WinXP seems to be working well so far, and didn't take long to install. Next trip: to Fry's, where I hope to find a better DVD authoring tool than Pinnacle Impression (bleah--worst user interface ever).

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