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Miedo, Incertidumbre, y Duda


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Miedo, Incertidumbre, y Duda

[ = "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt"]

In late January 2005, the U.S. State Department decided to alert Americans traveling to Mexico. The announcement was very carefully worded, intending to raise the awareness of risk ("U.S. citizens should be aware of the risk"), rather than imply that Mexico is now off-limits.

Unfortunately, many people have taken the warning to extremes, and have let their imaginations and conversations run away with them. We've heard from frantic parents that drug lords are "kidnapping Americans and putting them on buses" (is there a concentration camp in Cabo San Lucas we don't know about?), that it is "not safe for women and children to cross the border" (but it's safe for men to do so?), and that violent groups are "specifically targetting youth groups" (...what anyone would gain from that is beyond me). For the record: I have not heard of any of these activities actually occurring.

Some relevant points that may have been missed in the original announcement:

  • "...the majority of travelers in the region visit without mishap..."
  • "The overwhelming majority of the victims of violent crime have been Mexican citizens."
  • "thousands of U.S. citizens who cross the border each day do so safely"
  • "[visit] only the legitimate business and tourism areas of border towns during daylight hours."
  • "It is strongly recommended that red-light districts and neighborhoods where street drug dealing occurs be avoided." We should point out, for completeness' sake, that Amor Ministries does not build homes for the poor in red-light districts, nor in downtown areas at all.
  • "This Public Announcement expires on April 25, 2005." You can all go back to your normal lives at that point. ;)

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