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Heavy sigh


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Heavy sigh

Due to my trip to El Paso during Palm Sunday week (March 19-25 or thereabouts), I'm sad to say I won't be attending PyCon in Washington, DC. This is extremely unfortunate, since so many Python notables are scheduled to attend this year.

So I'll say "see you some other time" to Facundo Batista, Ian Bicking, JP Calderone, Brett Cannon, Michael Chermside, Andrew Dalke, Fred Drake, Bruce Eckel, Jim Fulton, Raymond Hettinger, Steve Holden, Jim Hugunin, Jeremy Hylton, Bob Ippolito, Andrew Kuchling, Cameron Laird, Ed Leafe, Glyph Lefkowitz, Ted Leung, Alex Martelli, Tim Peters, Armin Rigo, Simon Willison, Ka-Ping Yee, Holger Krekel, Martin Löwis, Guido van Rossum! and many others whose work I have read, respected, and (on occasion) stolen.

I'll work on going next year. :(

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Comment from: Facundo Batista [Visitor] · http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/plog

It's a pitty you won't be here. I expect to find you some another time somewhere!

03/21/05 @ 13:25

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