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More about the choice of blog software


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More about the choice of blog software

Another Scott on IWETHEY asked me to expand on why I chose b2evolution for the blog software here, especially in relation to this post. I'm awfully bad at recording my decision-making processes, but I'll try.

Lots of blogs I examined failed one of our requirements outright, or at least offended my sensibilities ;) :

  • Wordpress: Multiple blogs aren't built into the core. There's a separate Wordpress-mu project, but it seems to be still in serious beta, with only one developer actively working on it.
  • Blosxom: Perl. Bleah. If I used it every day, maybe. But the blog is something I want to work on (writing plugins, etc.) once or twice a year. PHP is something I can pick up quickly; in fact, I wrote my first working plugin for b2evolution in an hour, never having even looked at PHP code before in my life. By the end of the afternoon, I had a patch ready (against CVS-HEAD) for applying plugins to comments (not just posts), with enough confidence to mail it off to the project leads.
  • Serendipity: no multiblog as far as I could see. By "multiblog", I mean multiple authors on one install, each with their own blog (each with their own feed(s)). We have 40 people on staff at Amor, each with their own financial supporters with whom they wish to communicate. Those who support me don't necessarily have any interest in reading what my co-workers are writing (but if they want to read what everyone at Amor is writing, b2evolution gives them that opportunity out of the box, as well).
  • Textpattern: editing is done with Textile, and the whole editing process is very HTML-centric. If I were the only author, it might fly. But I have a wide range of authors, from complete Luddites to, well, me. HTML is something to hide from many of them. For b2evolution, on the other hand, I quickly found and applied a plugin to use Markdown. Users can also choose GreyMatter, BB code (a la phpBB ), Textile, or Texturize, all included in the default install.
  • Nucleus. Same parent as b2evolution. I honestly can't remember why I chose b2evolution over nucleus, except for a vague feeling that nucleus was written by developers for developers, instead of for users. Oh, yeah, and the thumbnails didn't work, at least not quickly and easily enough. The whole "media library" idiom is nice for developers, but some of my users would never be able to add a picture to a post, a task they will desire to do quite often.

Meh. That's enough for now. b2evo has had its own quirks, but the problems have been surmountable with a minimum of effort. I think it will serve us well enough.

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