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Yes, this really is the first post.

My company, Amor Ministries, has been talking about staff websites since...well, forever. We've toyed with various ideas and CMS systems. I even wrote one myself for HTML editing called Tibia. However, nothing seemed to solidify--the burden on the authors is usually too great.

Last week, I floated the concept of blogs past Alon, our Development Team leader, and for the first time, his desires and the available tech started to gel very nicely. We made a short laundry list of desirable features for blog software, and the result will be built here.

I went with b2evolution because:

  1. It is the most multi-blog friendly.
  2. It's free and open-source. Free is always nice, of course, but the modifications we wanted pretty much forced an OSS solution.
  3. It seemed the cleanest of the few I downloaded and evaluated (including Nucleus, Wordpress, and Serendipity). "Clean" in both on-screen appearance, and the codebase (again, to make our mods easier).
  4. Feeds are built in and on by default.

The first features I'm looking to write (and contribute back to b2evo, if they'll answer my email):

  1. Profanity filter. A simple one--no boiling of any oceans. This is already done, btw.
  2. A tool for staff to collect recent posts into a printed newsletter.

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